Amplify ETFs, sponsored by Amplify Investments, has $690 million in assets across ETFs for which it is Adviser or Sub-Adviser (as of 1/31/2019). Amplify believes the ETF structure empowers investors through efficiency, transparency and flexibility. Since its first ETF launch in 2016, Amplify has sought to build ETFs powered by investment strategies from leading index providers and asset managers within unique market segments. Amplify is also the sponsor of YieldShares, a brand of income-oriented ETFs.


Christian Magoon, Founder and CEO

Christian Magoon is Founder and CEO of Amplify Exchange Traded Funds. An ETF veteran, Christian has launched over 60 ETFs in the United States to date. He has helped drive the adoption of ETFs by U.S. investors through numerous educational efforts highlighting the efficiency, transparency and flexibility of the ETF vehicle.

Previously, Magoon served as President of Claymore Securities (now Guggenheim Investments). He led product development, marketing and distribution of ETFs, unit investment trusts and closed-end funds. Christian launched Claymore’s ETF business in 2006 and it became one of the fastest growing and most innovative ETF Sponsors in the industry. Magoon is also the founder of Magoon Capital, LLC, and YieldShares, LLC, two firms active in the ETF industry.

Christian has been honored to receive recognition for his impact in the investment and ETF industry. He has been referred to as an "ETF Pioneer" by both The Financial Times and Financial Planning Magazine. Christian is a member of the Wall Street Journal’s Panel on Wealth Management called “The Experts.” He was featured by The New York Times in an article titled “The Low-Cost Power of Exchange-Traded Funds.” Christian regularly provides his investment insight and industry knowledge to a variety of U.S. media outlets.


EQM Indexes, LLC is a woman-owned firm dedicated to creating and supporting indexes that track growth industries and emerging investment themes. Co-founded by Jane Edmondson, a former Institutional Portfolio Manager with more than 24 years of investment industry experience, EQM Indexes’ index designs spans a wide range of asset classes and financial instruments. EQM Indexes does not provide investment advice, nor offer the sale of securities, but does partner with issuers and works jointly with other index firms to provide benchmarks for Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs), and other similar products.

The ISE ETF Ventures team is dedicated to creating and supporting innovative indexes that track growing industries, emerging technologies and markets, and packaged trading strategies. Their index design expertise includes a diverse range of asset classes and instrument types including global equities, fixed income, currencies, futures and options. ISE ETF Ventures partners with issuers to launch unique exchange traded products (ETPs) such as exchange traded funds (ETFs), exchange traded notes (ETNs) and other similar product types. They also provide capital for the start-up and ongoing backstopping of new ETPs. Partners are able to leverage ISE ETF Ventures’ global experience and broad network of industry participants in order to grow their ETP presence as well as reduce risk and increase product issuance. Total assets under management for ETPs tied to ISE ETF Ventures is approximately $3 billion.

Penserra is a specialized institutional financial services firm with offices in Chicago, New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area. Penserra serves some of the largest and most sophisticated asset management firms, corporations, banking institutions, foundations, and retirement systems from around the world. By combining the strength of our people and leveraging our proprietary technology, Penserra offers institutions specialized products and services that deliver precision and innovation. As sub advisor, Penserra oversees the day to day portfolio management and trading for the funds as well as the creation/redemption basket work.

Prime Indexes creates financial indexes that solve problems for both professional and self-directed investors. Their index designs focus on emerging trends in the exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry, and the founders have participated in the creation and launch of over a hundred financial products and indexes across all major asset classes. Prime Indexes are used as the basis for innovative new investment solutions for investors, and use intuitive design principles so that new investment products can ultimately provide low-cost, efficient, and convenient access.

Capital Wealth Planning (CWP) is an independent, fee-only Investment Advisory firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. CWP provides sub-advisory investment services to high net worth individuals, pensions, profit sharing plans, trusts, estates, charitable organizations, and corporations. CWP’s strategic focus is concentrated on providing proprietary investment products and services for institutional investment platforms.

Toroso Investments is an innovative registered investment advisor, dedicated to understanding, researching and managing assets within the expanding ETF universe. Toroso is comprised of financial thought leaders in the ETF space that have developed a suite of solutions for financial advisors, ETF issuers and other entities in the industry.

Exponential is a multi-service asset manager offering proprietary ETF strategies, as well as, institutional portfolio management and capital market services. Backed by over 30 years of industry experience, Exponential ETFs’ offerings are built and managed using best practices from some of the industry’s best minds. Exponential ETFs is committed to providing investors with unique products and services that enhance the investment landscape through transparent and systematic processes, providing differentiated results through a differentiated approach.


Utilizing considerable experience in the ETF marketplace, Amplify Development partners in the establishment and support of compelling third party ETFs.

As the ETF marketplace grows, a variety of investment ideas will become available in ETF format. For strategic reasons, many new ETFs will utilize existing brands and platforms. Amplify Development provides a path for potential partners to access the firm's ETF experience, supports and strategic insight while maintaining existing brand commitments.

Amplify Development is an affiliate of Amplify Investments LLC.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) does not approve, endorse, nor indemnify any security.


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